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Talking About Loss provide bereavement support by facilitating peer-to-peer groups and also organising mindfulness and wellbeing events and funded counselling.



We have a network of pop-up groups around Yorkshire, known as TAL's Friends, that provide warm, safe spaces for people to come together and be with likeminded people, to reminisce, offer each other coping strategies and help break down the barriers that sometimes form when we lose someone.  Click here to find your nearest group.


Grief is a natural response to losing someone. We all experience grief differently, and it may affect you in different ways at different times.


Sometimes, our emotions become so strong that we struggle to know how to handle them or how to cope with everyday life (for example, struggling to go to work, to look after children or socialise with friends). It's important to get support if you’re experiencing these feelings.


Talking About Loss can help provide the support you need through our trusted, qualified Counsellors.  

Life coaching
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Throughout the year, we organise various events.  From mindfulness walks and craft events to wellbeing days and Christmas Balls...and everything in between!

Check out our Events page to see what's coming up soon!

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