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About Us.


Talking About Loss is a registered charity that was set up by Jacqui Gunn, a Yorkshire farmer's daughter who found that she had nowhere to turn to talk to her feelings on the untimely death of her Dad.

As Jacqui was grieving, she felt as though family, friends and colleagues would avoid talking about her Dad, scared they would upset her and as though her misery was contagious.  The fact was, this couldn't have been further from the truth - Jacqui wanted to talk about her Dad, to acknowledge and remember his life and for his memory to live on.  

Like many people, Jacqui spent hours online googling to find out whether her grief was normal and trying to find someone who understood her grief.   When nothing matched what Jacqui felt she needed, Talking About Loss was born!

Talking About Loss is here to ease the isolation and fear surrounding death and to provide a safe environment for people to share their experiences in the hope of helping both themselves and others.


Our Vision 

To put a smile back on the faces of bereaved people in Yorkshire


Our Purpose 

To help ease isolation and fear surrounding death and provide a safe environment for people to share their experiences in the hope of helping both themselves and others

Our Mission

To provide various access points to support, information, activities, and friendship groups

Our Values

Compassionate, Encouraging, Respectful, Brave and Fun


"I miss my Dad constantly.  I want his assurance that I can survive the agony of losing him.  I realise that, out of all the things Dad taught me, he left one, important lesson out - how to survive with out him.  

Please remember that the worst thing that you can say to someone who is grieving is nothing.  Yes, I may cry, but that's because I love and miss my Dad, not because you have upset me.  I never want to stop talking about Dad.

I hope that in finding Talking About Loss, you receive the help, strength and support you need to work through your grief.  If we help just a handful of people, this journey has been worthwhile."


Please see below some links that you may find useful as you learn to live with loss.

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