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Talking About Loss

Losing someone isn't easy, no matter the circumstances, grief certainly doesn't come with a rulebook.

Here at Talking About Loss, we aim to help ease the isolation and fear that can surround grief, to help people find their way through the grieving process, or feel a little less alone, whether it's days or years after loss has occurred.


Talking About Loss provide warm, friendly and supportive peer-led meet-up groups for like-minded people to talk freely about loss. We are a registered charity here to support each other no matter the stage of the bereavement process.  Whether you have lost a child, parent, sibling, partner, friend or a pet, having someone to talk to who knows what you're going through is a great comfort.


We are able to help offer support in various ways, including a friendly chat with others at one of our monthly pop-up groups, organising different wellness events throughout the year, providing an opportunity to speak with one of our funded Counsellors and referrals to external services, where appropriate.  

Please use the Menu on the top right to read through our pages and understand what Talking About Loss has to offer and use the Contact Us page to get in touch.

We Can Help.

"Talking about loss has helped me immensely. I didn’t know where to turn when my wife passed away unexpectedly. You can never prepare yourself for it. After hearing about a Men’s group in Pocklington, I thought I’d take the plunge and attend. I didn’t think I’d get anything from it, just more sadness and heartache. I was incredibly surprised at my first session, there were people there who had experienced similar things to me, and the two counsellors who ran the group were welcoming and very knowledgeable. I went home feeling a little more positive than when I arrived, but as the weeks have passed - I find it invaluable. Look forward to (in fact). I’m so glad I decided to attend that first session. I’ve been going every month since March - and now, I've have made friends, all going through similar experiences. Talking about loss has given me light when all I could see was darkness."

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