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    Gardening Project

    Hi, I’m Alan and I’ve been asked to pen a few words about the new… and growing, garden project. As you may know, the concrete and rubble areas between the hub and also around the barn, have been cleared and some plants and trees etc added, which gives us a starting point. Along the way[...]

    Mindful Walk in the Sunshine

    In June we held a mindful walking event for a group of like-minded people who were looking for a sense of calm and a friendly understanding group.  We were blessed with the weather and so, following a brief chat and a breathing exercise, we headed out with our thoughts and reflections into a sensory garden[...]

    Mindfulness for Loss

    We recently ran a ‘Mindfulness for Loss’ event with our partners at Mindful Memorials and would like to share one attendees experience of the event…… Having lost my soulmate Mark nearly three years ago and having sought out the expertise, help and guidance of Michelle at Mindful Memorials, I was kindly invited to a day[...]

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