On the 9th June it would have been my sister Chan’s 51st Birthday.  I like to celebrate her birthday by raising money for charity. I’m doing this through Nikki’s Dance Fit & Funk class which is on Sunday 12th June 4:30pm – 6:30pm This is open to anyone, we added extra time for Nikki to explain the moves before each track. There’s no pressure to keep going throughout the whole class you can take a break whenever you want to.

This year I’m raising money for TAL for the amazing work they do in helping people go through their journey of grief.

Chan took her own life on the 24th August 2015, it will be 7 years this anniversary since I last saw her.  Even in this moment, when I’m feeling good those words are hard to type, it triggers my emotions.  But I’m ok with this as I’ve learnt the peaks and troughs are a natural process of grief, unique to everyone.  I’ll never stop missing Chan, or wishing she was here to chat to and hug tightly.  I’ve just learnt to live alongside those feelings and emotions and I do not judge or criticize myself when they appear. 

Losing Chan set me on a journey of studying the mind, looking at what makes us act and feel the way we do.  I learnt how to change my mindset and in turn change my perception on life.  I became more aware of my thoughts and self-talk.  I’m able to recognise and let go of thoughts that don’t serve me.  I’ve built up what I call my “tools” things that lift my spirit and make me laugh and smile.

Meditation and exercise are my biggest “tools”.   We have on average 6000 thoughts a day.  If the majority of these thoughts are self-criticising and judging this can be overwhelming and change our perception of what we see as our reality.  Meditation allows me to relax my mind as well as my body.   Giving me the rest, I need.  It re-energises me so I’m able to deal with what life throws at me.  The same with exercise, it releases the feel-good chemicals.  After exercise I feel so much brighter, and my head feels clearer.  It doesn’t have to be vigorous exercise.  It can be a gently walk, the fresh air and exercise is so good for the mind, body and soul.

This is why I’m raising money through Nikki’s Dance Fit & Funk.  It’s to show how exercise can be fun and how it makes you feel.  You don’t have to know how to dance, the moves are repetitive so you can soon pick them up as we go along.  Throughout the session Nikki explains and shows you the dance moves.  Although I still go the wrong way when I’m lost in the music 😊 

My aim is for people to get that feel good factor when they are dancing and having fun, smiling and laughing with a lovely group of people.

If you can’t attend the class but would like to donate here’s the link for Chan’s just giving page which will go directly to TAL www.justgiving.com/fundraising/chan9thjune

Thank you.

Steph. XX