It has long been an ambition at Talking About Loss to bring a group of people together for several weeks of activities. Sign up to try out new things; rekindle a few old hobbies, or share your skills with others. It’s a sure way to meet new people and share a few laughs!

Well, we are pleased to announce that our first 6 week programme is just about ready to roll, starting on 2nd February.  We will be trying crafts, cookery, gardening, and variety of other skills to challenge us!  On the final week, we will have a celebratory buffet where you can decide what your next steps are.  This might be becoming a TAL volunteer, joining a Zumba class, going out for meals with your new found friends – the list is endless!

If you want to sign up for our first 6 week programme either –


Call us on 07885206473

Or pop your name on the chalk board on the Hub, clearly marking it for the 6 week activity programme.

Alternatively, if there is a skill that you would love to share, why not consider running one of of the sessions in our programme? This skill can be anything from crocheting, painting, gardening, or even model-making: whatever your hobby is, we’d love you to show and tell! We know you are a talented bunch, so why not get in touch?  We would love to hear from you!