Is getting through Christmas on your mind?  If so, have a read of some of our suggestions that may help.

Talk about Loss

Keep talking, your friends and family care about you and will want to be there for you.  They may not want to mention anything for fear of upsetting you so they may just be waiting for you to open up!

Allow yourself to grieve

Its ok to grieve, its natural and it helps us to move forward, just be mindful of this though and try not to get stuck there.  Reach out to somebody if you do!

Keep in touch with people

If you are going to be on your own, whether that’s out of choice or because of circumstance, why not arrange some calls with people for a chat, support and to share memories.  You could call the local befriending service for residents in the East Riding, the CallER service is available through a single, local phone number – 01482 215929

Try some new traditions

Whether it is lighting a candle, going for a walk, or sitting for quiet reflection, try and build in some new tradition for your comfort and focus, not to necessarily replace old ones, but maybe to sit alongside them.

Treat yourself

Done forget how important you are.  Treat yourself to something nice, indulge yourself in something you wouldn’t normally do, because, as they say…you’re worth it!

Allow yourself to smile

Remember the good times, create new memories, perhaps consider the opportunities a new year could bring – new hobbies, new friendships and perhaps spending more time with your friends at TAL 😊