Hi, I’m Alan and I’ve been asked to pen a few words about the new… and growing, garden project.

As you may know, the concrete and rubble areas between the hub and also around the barn, have been cleared and some plants and trees etc added, which gives us a starting point. Along the way I’ve had some brilliant support, help and contributions from friends and local businesses to get it started, and now is the time to turn it over to T.A.L.

The initial aim, was to provide an outdoor area, somewhere we could sit and, well, just be outside.  Whilst also provide the seeds of a gardening and talking section, which I think, although its not finished, we have.

I’m going to be there regularly on Friday mornings from around 10.30 till 11.30 and would welcome your company.  So if you have outside plants to spare, perhaps a bit of compost to share, why not join me for a chat and a brew, pot some plants and well just talk gardening if you want.

You will quickly get to know the extent of my gardening prowess…. but there again, sometimes it just good to be outside.

Soo, see you next Friday? 


Mobile Number: 07808093133