In June we held a mindful walking event for a group of like-minded people who were looking for a sense of calm and a friendly understanding group.  We were blessed with the weather and so, following a brief chat and a breathing exercise, we headed out with our thoughts and reflections into a sensory garden and then onwards through some woods.  As we went, we noticed the things around us, slowed down our thoughts and became more grounded.

Slowing down our thoughts and bringing calm is not easy and thoughts can come to the surface that we have tried to suppress, however we had an element of the walk where we could chat, share our experiences and make new friendships.  The chatter was great to hear and a chance to say some things out loud, maybe for the first time.

There is no one way to handle loss, but we do know that at these events you can get out of it what you need in that moment.  For some that might be quiet contemplation, for others a friendly ear.  With these events we hope to offer the scope for you to get a little something of what you need.  We normally have counsellors and therapists on hand too, so if you need a little more, then that is available too.

If this seems like something you would be interested in, why not get in touch our next event is on Sunday 4th July 2021 10am – 12 noon.  To find out more email