We recently ran a ‘Mindfulness for Loss’ event with our partners at Mindful Memorials and would like to share one attendees experience of the event……

Having lost my soulmate Mark nearly three years ago and having sought out the expertise, help and guidance of Michelle at Mindful Memorials, I was kindly invited to a day of Mindfulness for Loss.  I have to admit I was a litter nervous as I had not accepted many requests to go out to functions on my own since Mark’s passing however not quite knowing what to expect I went along with an open mind and much to my surprise I ended up having the most wonderful, enlightening and ‘light bulb moment’ day ever.

After being welcomed to what was the most beautiful and tranquil of locations, I was shown into a huge Tepee which had an open wood log burning circular fire, which smelt so earthy. There were lots of smiling, happy faces and I was given a coffee.  Upon sitting down around a huge open log fire I recall feeling so comfortable, the atmosphere was most surreal and it had a magical feeling to it.  It was as though someone had plucked me out of my world of sorrow, loss, heartache and had placed me into this calm, comforting, space with earthy smells and smiley, happy faces; the peacefulness I felt was quite indescribable – I felt that time almost stood still. 

Not thinking that anything could surpass my existing, very comfortable at peace feeling I was asked if I wanted to attend one of the Creativity and Therapeutic workshops with a lady called Liz and her husband, Gary.  Liz was an Internal Family Systems Therapist (IFS) which I must confess I had not ever heard of and Gary had his own business, Wild Earth a creative education workshop coach. 

Liz began to show us, attendees what IFS Therapy entailed and how the core concepts, (known as the parts of each one of us) inter-relate into everything we do in our lives. We were then asked to put this, our newly found knowledge about IFS – our personal take/experience of this – into creating a hand-made catcher from woodland materials which Gary and Liz had collected earlier.  Aided by Gary we all started to make our own individual, personal catchers.

Having lost the love of my life and having struggled hugely what seems like many roller coaster emotions prior to this Mindfulness day, I wanted to create a lasting memory of my feelings, the earthy smells, the happy smiley faces and most importantly remember what I had learned from Liz, following her IFS Therapy and have this newly taught IFS help me navigate these roller coaster moments.